Great People make Great Golfers

The Game Of Golf Prepares Students For The Challenges They Will Face In Life.

Reinforcing values like integrity, respect and perseverance through the game of golf.

Fall Registration Is Now OPEN!

Kids’ Fall Golf Program
(September-December 2018)

An Operation 36 Golf Training Community
For ages seven-seventeen
All levels welcome!

A fun and engaging 12-week comprehensive program to help your child: learn the different aspects of the game, train the right way and under pressure and play to shoot even par-36 for 9-holes.

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Free Program Orientation

Join us for our FREE Fall Junior Golf Orientation and learn about junior golf development for different ages and skill levels.   We will have discussions about the new programs that have been added  to our Fall schedule, and we will also review our proven curriculum that provides a roadmap for your juniors success.

 Tuesday, August 21st at 6:30pm-7:30pm

 Monday, August 27th at 6:30pm-7:30pm

 Cost to Attend: Free

9-hole Matches

Playing 9-hole matches are a perfect way to get your junior introduced to playing the game of golf as early as possible.  We play a progressive yardage system that allows your juniors to learn to play the game at a similar scoring scale as advanced golfers, by being able to shoot Even Par 36 for 9-holes.  

Everyone starts at 25 yards from the pin, and graduates into  the next Playing Performance Division when they shoot 36 or better.  There is no perfect time to start, so these matches are perfect for any junior who isn’t shooting 36 from their courses tee markers.

Skills Class

Not looking for a long-term commitment? Our weekly skills classes are perfectly themed for learning specific golf skills that will benefit both beginner to intermediate junior golfers.  These classes focus on the education or “Learning” aspect of golf development.

Academy Class

12-Week progressive skills class that covers all of the main components of golf development such as: Posture, Grip, Alignment, Power, Putting, Green Reading, Ball Flight, Rules & Etiquette, Work Ethic, Golf Knowledge (Mastery), and Performance.  

There are 11 total objectives per level and 6 different levels. This class is available only through long-term programs.  Each junior will get their own personal performance monitoring page so they know exactly where they are and what they need to be working on to improve and progress. 

Skills Bootcamp

Learn and apply the “Training” aspect of golf development with our skills bootcamps.  The bootcamps are designed to be the transitional step needed before taking a learned skill and applying them to the golf course. 

Have you ever hit great shots on the driving range or putt really well on the practice green but then you go to play and the results aren’t what your were hoping for?  This is simply because golfers are missing an entire stage of the development life cycle.  Bootcamp activities are designed to add stress to your current and newly learned skills as we replicate unique scenarios and pressure situations that are similar to what you would find when playing on the course. 

Course Strategy

“Expectation Management” is taught indoors to remove any emotion from hitting golf shots.  We always approach shots on the course with a feeling of “I can do it” because we have been playing well or “I can’t do it” because I have been playing poorly. Emotional decisions can lead to inconsistent performance because your strategy is changing from day-to-day. 

This program is designed for the (Intermediate to advanced) junior golfer who is already playing regularly from our 150y Division or higher.  You will learn the foundational steps to creating a sound strategy that can be applied to any golf course.  All courses are designed with similar principles in mind which allows you to apply this new strategy to anywhere you play.  

Wright Balance

Find a balanced setup with core strengthening to improve your golf performance and your overall health.  Every person has a unique swing signature and all golfers generate power from a different region of our core.  We help golfers determine their strongest positions for power by using unique body measurements in a Wright Balance Fitting

Register for our free program orientation on Tuesday, August 21 at 6:30pm-7:30pm.

How this benefits your child?


There are a lot of benefits to being more focused. It improves clarity, helps us identify what is most important, improves decision making and allows us to be more effective.


Self discipline gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through, without changing your mind, and is therefore, one of the important requirements for achieving goals.

Brain stimulation

Regular daily activity strengthens the brain’s memory circuits. This can improve memory skills at school that need to be sharpen.

Daily Exercise

Regular exercise helps you sleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for longer. Sleep helps your muscles rest and repair. Staying healthy is important for your child.

Self Development

Golf challenges the player toward constant self-improvement. Players analyze what they did well and what has to change to improve.


Young people grow up too quickly in today’s busy, technological world. Gathering with friends to play golf gives young golfers the opportunity to spend enjoyable times in friends.


What clients say

I've been hacking away on golf courses around the world for years! Until I started training with Aki-san, I couldn't hit a ball straight to save my life. His instructions and technical explanations have been crucial to my game. I recommend his 5 star instruction to anyone who wants to learn or just improve their game! Domo arigatoo, Aki-san.
Gregg Snowden
Gregg Snowden
Personal Trainer

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Aki Matsumura


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