About Us

Matsumura Golf In Orange County

Who Are We

Seiko and Aki are happily married to one another and to the game of Golf. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to train junior golfers for the game of Golf in Orange County. 

What We Do

Seiko and Aki have been teaching juniors Golf for 10+ years locally. 

Our history

The owners of Matsumura Golf are husband and wife, Seiko and Aki, both golf professionals.

Molded to learn and enjoy golf and build skills at a young age, Aki has been a golf enthusiast since he was 7 years old. He started competing as a junior golfer and as a collegiate golfer where he made friends from acquaintances. Aki not only enjoys playing golf himself but enjoys seeing other players enjoy the game. Aki uses skill building as a tool to make a pleasant, enjoyable golf experience.

Seiko on the other hand has dreamed of having her own golf academy and of being the world’s best golfer. She found herself enjoying golf at an early age of 7. Seiko loves and finds fulfillment at coaching. 

Both Aki and Seiko now live their childhood dream of playing golf and making things happen for other enthusiasts as they help them through coaching. By giving them the best experience during their golf journey and guide them through achieving their goals.

Would you like us to answer any questions?

Feel free to call us and let us know how we can best serve you! Thank you everyone.